Bamboo Education

Are you looking for a Bamboo Masterclass?

Bamboo Master Studio and its staff are also available to teach, consult and inspire.

Wolf and his global network of bamboo experts work with design universities, United Nations Environmental projects and private clients to share techniques and technology. Our areas of expertise range from bamboo farming methods, processing and treatment, to sustainability, design, product development & architecture with bamboo.

We work with students, teachers, designers, contractors and workers to master bamboo. We can teach anyone to create with this wonderful material efficiently and effectively.

“I came to this planet to (re) educate humans to build sustainably.”

– James Wolf

The Arc by IBUKU with Bamboo Master Studios

Bamboo U School Bali

If you want to understand James just take a look at his hi-performance bamboo bike that he rides around every day. He knows that bamboo is about more than being green, or lowering our carbon footprint. It’s about being better. Better designers, better builders, and better people who are carving out a future worth living in. His 30 years of experience pioneering bamboo make his mastery and knowledge invaluable to the global bamboo movement.
Orin Hardy

Founder, Bamboo U | Director, Bamboo Pure

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