Bamboo Design & Production

Bamboo Master Studio’s passion for natural bamboo pole design has manifested the realization of a wide range of products, furniture and installations for clients worldwide.

Trust our team with your production, or hire us for bespoke designs. We only work with the highest quality bamboo.

The quality of our natural bamboo production always exceeds expectations.

Custom Interiors

We can design, build and deliver prefabricated built-in interior elements, from bars to lighting to decorative installations. If you or your designer has ideas, we can advise and propose the best way to build with bamboo.

Bespoke Furnishings

We create unique interior and garden furnishings for hotels, restaurants, resorts and more. The exceptionally solid bamboo material we use and the quality craftsmanship that we provide always exceeds expectations.

Volume Production

Does your product require natural bamboo pole production? We set up and manage efficient and ergonomically optimized production lines, optimizing cost. We understand the importance of providing consistent quality control.

Production Process

Project Assessment

In the initial phase, we will discuss the requirements for your products and evaluate potential solutions. This is the creative part of the process where we imagine what is possible with bamboo.


With a full understanding of our goals we will explore the best ways to use bamboo to develop your product. Sketches, VR models, 3D models, and CAD drawings will be used to visualize and define your product’s parameters.

Prototyping, Refining

Once the design has been finalized, a sample will be made to verify proof of concept and functionality. Further refinement and samples may be required until the production sample is finalized and approved.


When your product’s design is finalized, we will prepare materials, cut and process bamboo parts, assemble, finish and finally, pack, label and ship as required.

Zen Water Fountains | Bamboo Accents

From the moment I met James back in the 1990’s, I knew that he was the oracle of bamboo design. Armed with his handy notebook, James transforms ideas into incredible bamboo creations seamlessly. James’ range of bamboo expertise, whether building a consumer product or architectural element, knows no bounds and never ceases to amaze me.

David Faibisch

Bamboo Accents

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