Construction Management & Consulting

Bamboo Master Studio offers construction management and consulting for bamboo structures of all shapes and sizes.

We have worked in collaboration with companies including IBUKU in Bali, Bamboo Living in Hawaii, and Arquitectura Mixta in Latin America, creating everything from small, pre-fabricated, shippable houses to the largest bamboo structures on earth.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible with bamboo.

The Arc by IBUKU with Bamboo Master Studios

Bamboo Construction

Bamboo construction differs from conventional building in two main ways. Bamboo is natural, so it varies in quality. This means the procurement and treatment processes are unique.

The other major difference from conventional construction is the labor involved. Working bamboo quickly and efficiently is only accomplished with specific knowledge and tools. Even with skilled workers, there remains a need for professional management.

We can consult with you on bamboo sourcing, growing and treatment options for your project. From species selection, through plantation management for high quality and yield, and all the way to treating, curing and storing material, we implement the best practices.

Bamboo Master can assist in all stages of your project:

  • Appropriate usage of bamboo
  • Bamboo Engineering testing
  • Construction feasibility
  • Sequence, timelines and schedules
  • Material procurement
  • Worker training
  • Bamboo supply chain management
  • Treatment and damage prevention
  • Coordination of crews, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Built to plan assurance
  • Expert solutions for when things do not go as expected
  • Detailing with bamboo

The Arc | IBUKU with Bamboo Master

The Arc by IBUKU with Bamboo Master Studios
It was key having James Wolf’s skill and capability involved in the build of the Arc, especially in the testing for the engineering. His long experience with bamboo and his detailed and dynamic thinking came into play as we iterated strategies between the architectural, construction, and engineering teams during the build.
Elora Hardy

Founder & Creative Director, IBUKU Studio

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