Building with Bamboo in Costa Rica: Workshops in Paradise

Jun 20, 2024 | Bamboo Education

Costa Rica, a country synonymous with lush rainforests and stunning natural beauty, provided the backdrop for my recent bamboo construction workshops. The first workshop was an immersive 11-day experience focused on constructing a breathtaking 30-foot diameter reciprocal roof structure.

Collaboration is key to any successful bamboo build, and this project was no exception. I had the pleasure of working alongside Jose, a talented local builder, and a group of enthusiastic participants. We utilized the readily available and beautiful Dendrocalamus Asper bamboo to create the main frame of the structure. The workshop culminated in a celebratory pizza party under the newly built structure, a testament to the power of teamwork and the potential of bamboo to create stunning and sustainable spaces.

The second workshop took place at Tierramor, a sprawling 700-acre preserve undergoing exciting development. Here, we conducted a 14-day worker training session focused on preparing materials for two awe-inspiring bamboo structures designed by Ibuku. Efficiency and precision are paramount in large-scale bamboo construction projects. To achieve this, we set up unique machines to produce cut splits, dowels, and pinboard, ensuring the materials were prepared to exact specifications.

Sharing my knowledge with these workers and contributing to the creation of these magnificent structures was an incredibly rewarding experience. This project showcases the immense potential of bamboo to elevate architecture and create sustainable spaces that harmonize with the natural environment.